Kayak Rentals

A little adventure on the Buffalo River

Kayak rentals $20

Your trip starts right here at the dock and ends anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours down the river- depending on how many stops you choose to make, there are many sandbars to stop at and enjoy. You may want to pack snacks and beverages. It is a relatively easy route, even for beginners. You may have to portage (carry) your kayak in a few places. 

We will drop off one of your vehicles at the end of the route. When you’re done,  you will leave the kayaks at the end point (we will go pick them up), and hop in your car to come back to the farm. We ask that bring the life jackets (included with rental) and paddles back with you.

Kayak rentals are available by reservation. For more information or to reserve your adventure, call/text Maria at 612.875.1996 or email us at dancingyarrow1@gmail.com

Hours: All day Sunday - Wednesday | Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8-2pm